Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?

You can contact me on my contact page on this website or by sending me a message on Facebook.

I have a picture of a design; can I send this to you?

Yes, please use the contact information to contact me and I will forward you my email address.

How long will my carving last?

This will depend on what timber is used, how the carving is maintained and the environmental factors it is subjected to. A pine carving that is not treated installed in a wetland will not last very long compared to a oak carving, treated, in the same location. See my carving maintenance section on aftercare.

Do you offer guarantees on your work?

Not normally, i do however stand by my work and will work with the client to resolve any issues that arise

Will my carving crack or split?

The easy answer is yes, it will. You can control this by following the instructions on carving aftercare. .

Can you carve my stump in situ?

Yes, as long as the stump is accessible it can be carved. Maximum height needs to be arranged with me first. It also needs to be a suitable timber.

How do I know if my stump or timber is good enough to carve?

Most timber can normally be carved. Some may be unsuitable due to decay or other defects and some may not be a suitable species to last. We can advise you on this either by looking at the timber in person or via pictures.

do you do carving demonstrations at shows, etc.?

Yes I do. I normally charge for these demonstrations at my daily rate for Multiple day shows can sometimes be negotiated for a better rate.

I'm arranging a show and want multiple chainsaw carvers, can you help?

Yes, I can arrange for other carvers to attend events and also provide timber if needed.

What wood is best for you to carve?

I think hardwoods are best to use, oak is my favourite for longevity and beauty.

Do you offer courses in chainsaw carving?

not at this time, it is something we are looking into and will update this if a solution is found. I do have friends that offer courses. Please contact me for details .

What do you charge?

My daily rate for carving and demonstrations depends on location but starts at £350 per day.

What if I don't have a tree or log and want a carving?

I can use my own timber to produce a carving for you. Please contact me with your requirements.

Do you work with any other carvers?

I do. I am privileged to work with some of the best carvers in the uk and on alot of my larger projects I regularly use others.

How do I look after my carving?

Please see my carving maintenance section for detailed instructions, including a downloadable print version.

How do I book you for a event?

Yes, I are insured for 5 million.

Can you carve anything?

I can carve most things. If it is something I think I can't or I am too busy I can suggest other carvers who can help you.

What else do you do part from carving?

Please see my other services page.

Do you have a shop or can we come and see your work?

I don't have a shop and I don't normally carry any stock at my workshop. I do supply P E Meads farm shop near Tring, Herts and they normally have a range of smaller carvings. Most of my work is commission pieces.

Do you have a price list or catalogue?

Due to most of my work being one off commission pieces I don't have set prices. My regular items such as bears and owls, etc., I do have set prices for depending on size which, if you contact me I will let you know.